Regulated Waste Management

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Prior to demolition it is important to identify and quantify miscellaneous regulated wastes that may require special handling and disposal.

For example:

  • Fluorescent light tubes (potentially mercury containing)
  • High Intensity Discharge lamps (potentially mercury containing)
  • Fluorescent/HID light fixture ballasts (potentially PCB containing)
  • Thermostats (potentially mercury containing)
  • Refrigerators, freezers, AC units, water fountains, coolers, dehumidifier (Refrigerants (i.e. Freon/Halon))
  • Miscellaneous controlled products: fire extinguishers, stored liquids (bleach, cleaning solvents, gasoline, chemicals, paints, oils, etc.)
  • Unlabeled containers
  • Rechargeable batteries (all types, primarily emergency lights / exit signs)(potentially lead and cadmium containing)
  • Microwave ovens, white goods
  • Switches, thermometers, pressure gauges (potentially Mercury containing)
  • Compressed gas cylinders, propane tanks
  • Electronic Devices and white goods (computers, monitors, TV, printers, scanners etc.)
  • EXIT signs (potentially containing radioactive material – tritium gas)